Seen: Before and After by Lynnea Schwieters

Here at LJID we love the challenge of recreating vintage pieces. We took this dresser from the trenches and gave it new life. What do you think?

The clean lines caught my eye. The wood finish was a little beachy but the brass hardware did not compliment the light color. 

The clean lines caught my eye. The wood finish was a little beachy but the brass hardware did not compliment the light color. 

Do you recognize it? We gave it new life with a dusty blue paint, modernized the base, and painted the hardware black to highlight it's mid century style. 

Do you recognize it? We gave it new life with a dusty blue paint, modernized the base, and painted the hardware black to highlight it's mid century style. 

Site: Via Dolce Salon by Lynnea Schwieters

Wonder where I've been? Over the past few months I've been working on a salon! The client moved into her salon about 2 years ago and business was booming. She needed a waiting area and a private styling room for her VIP clients. See for yourself...

Custom Cabinet is finished with a black granite top and matte black hardware from Details. Each drawer was custom fitted to accommodate the needs of a stylist. The round mirror softens the edgy finishes. Sconces are by Feiss and are available at Lamps Plus. 

Custom Cabinet is finished with a black granite top and matte black hardware from Details. Each drawer was custom fitted to accommodate the needs of a stylist. The round mirror softens the edgy finishes. Sconces are by Feiss and are available at Lamps Plus

Bench is upholstered in a durable black vinyl. Back rest is upholstered in Micro Suede. The magazine rack is a custom design. Art work is by Kay Erickson.

Bench is upholstered in a durable black vinyl. Back rest is upholstered in Micro Suede. The magazine rack is a custom design. Art work is by Kay Erickson.


Site: Before and After by Lynnea Schwieters

This summer (don't ask why it has taken me so long to post these photos) my brother and I teamed up on a home renovation project. This 3 bedroom 2 bath home was in desperate need of some love and attention. Some of the photos are pretty graphic folks so beware!

Below is a shot of the kitchen BEFORE we tore down walls. The home had a rustic appeal that we wanted to keep so we ripped out the old linoleum and wood paneling then reconfigured the space to create a modernized rustic appeal. 

AFTER! We used dark ceramic tile that resembled rustic tanned leather to ground the room. The cabinets were refaced and then painted an off white to keep things light and open.  The subway tile backsplash was done in travertine. A large island was carved out of unused space and bridges the gap between the kitchen and cozy den/dining area. 

We created an interesting niche for knick-knacks where a cupboard would not fit. 

BEFORE: We kept the built in as-is and refinished it the same color as the kitchen cabinetry. The stone fireplace also stayed as-is. 

This was the master bathroom BEFORE: AGH!!!



AFTER: We used a multi-colored river rock to reflect the organic nature found in the rest of the home. The small pattern created interest in a very tight space. The cave like shower walls were knocked down and replaced with clear glass walls. Simple white subway is my favorite on a budget! The vanity is from Home Depot.

Guest Bathroom BEFORE

AFTER: The layout of the guest bathroom remained the same. We simply got rid of the 1950 color scheme and traded it out for fresh white. We took out the space-eating built in vanity and traded it out for a pedastle. The home owner wanted the flexibilty to add in a furniture piece. I thought it was a great the idea. The floor tile is lightly striated for interest and the pearlescent accent tile around the tub/shower adds a touch of feminine elegance. 

The home sold before we could even finish. Yay!

Site: Natural Curiosities Studio by Lynnea Schwieters


Natural Curiosities Art House, is an archive of beautiful images from the early 1900's and creates fine modern art. Art house indeed, I felt as I had journeyed into another land.

boho-retro style sunken seating area greeted me as I walked in. Furniture was mixed, some pieces from BoBo and Cisco filled the room. Others were vintage and some were custom designs; made and crafted with love by the 25 or so designers and artists employed by Christopher Wilcox. Wilcox is every bit as kind and thoughtful as you'd expect. Every piece displays an element of nature or takes an inanimate object and turns it into something beautiful. The subject may not be out of the ordinary but, but a touch up and a tweek there, or a exquisitely framed multitude (think more is more), or hand done gold leafing and the piece is given a new life. Follow Natural Curiosities on Instagram here. Their newest venture, WILCOX, is interior design driven and thrilling as well - I am excited to see what their future holds.

Table design by WILCOX

Site : Dwell on Design 2013 by Lynnea Schwieters

I'm no writer. But as I sit down to write this post, I want to create the 'buzz' for you that surrounded dwell this past weekend. First, people were up beat, interested, and eager almost. I guess that is what sales people are supposed to be but even the attendees, including myself, seemed to want more. Now, a few vendors whom I fell in love with and want to know SO MUCH MORE!

Note: Links to the website are available by either clicking on the photo or in the text above.

Triangles are my favorite shape. Made from Ceramic

sculptures to decorate your wall with

I love this part of the PCH... I am so there. Available from Saatchi Online.

I'm sorry I don't know the artist!

I have never seen wool look so beautful

Maghan Urback, contemporary wool design.LA Street artist came out to represent. The artists painted on salvaged movie backdrops

It was beautiful.

Sezz Chair by Christophe Pillet and a chair designed by Phillipe Starck in the back

Little sculptures

metal art by Sarah Loertcher

Seen: Artist Erika Marie Carter by Lynnea Schwieters

I just returned from a mini vacation in Santa Barbara for Memorial Day weekend. I traveled with a close friend and although we made a promise not to work while we were there, it turned out we almost spent our entire first night discussing only work related 'stuff.'

So I didn't shop while I was there... well not really. Every Sunday there is an Arts and Crafts show at the State Street pier. I strolled by and took note of a few local artisans.  I also managed to pop into one gallery as we were literally hopping in the car to head back to Los Angeles. I am so glad I did because I found one artist whom I really loved, Erika Marie Carter. The first photo is from the gallery, the others I pulled from her website.








Site: General Store, Venice, CA by Lynnea Schwieters

I have resided in Venice Beach for 3 years now -  a part of town is always evolving and new stores seem to pop up overnight. It is exciting and keeps my wandering mind at ease. My latest discovery, a little gift shop called General Store on Lincoln Blvd. It is place to find the perfect item for just about anyone and also features unique home decor.

Everyone in this town seems to love a mix of industrial and organic... especially coffee shops and offices. The natural element reminds us to relax while the industrial element breeds productivity. This lamp is a beautiful example of these two elements combined.

A shot of the store... and that mirror. Each artisan piece is elegantly displayed.

They also had a beautiful collection of plants and planters. The arrangements are soft and effortless. Perfect! I recommend a visit with that special someone in mind. xo


High Low: Jean Prouve by Lynnea Schwieters

Jean Prouve developed utilitarian home designs in post World War II Europe.  He has developed many iconic designs including "The Standard Chair' below. Today his designs are sold at auctions for $5K. The design, in a similar way, can be yours for just $125. My friends over at VOLO Designs have tons of great offerings. Check them out here.



 The Emblem Chair by VOLO Designs





Seen: pairs of chairs by Lynnea Schwieters

Some things are just better when they come in pairs : )

Found these babies in the Valley. Contact me if you are interested : )

Brazilian designer, Martin Eisler. Available at Thomas Hayes Gallery

These vintage aero dynamic leather chairs were probably first designed in the 1960's. You can find similar chairs at Restoration Hardware - the 'Rocket Chair'


Obsession: Details by Lynnea Schwieters

It's all in the details. I've said it a million times. For me, interior design isn't about a foray of color or graphic nothingness. The magic happens in a contrasting welt on a chair or a subtle shape that speaks volumes. And if that detail, carefully thought out and meticulously planned, also has added functional value, that is perfection.




Site: ReWire by Lynnea Schwieters

Not only does light brings us color and form but it makes design possible.  I was definitely inspired after leaving LA lighting warehouse (cause its that BIG), ReWire. They just relocated  their showroom, which doubles as a studio, to East Hollywood at Melrose and the 101.   There, lighting artisans create custom fixtures for their own line and specialize in creating custom designs for clients. ReWire also specializes in vintage lighting (#lovevintage) and they have a nice collection of French and Italian designers. I can't remember their names right now so you will just have to go for yourself and suss them out! The third photo is a favorite of mine. Edgy but also Elegant and Sophisticated. Can't wait to use it in a project!! GO! NOW! :)

Robert Long ChandelierMax Ingrand Sconces


Site: The Hollywood Reporter Show House Part III by Lynnea Schwieters

And finally, there is my space. As a young designer, it's not easy to break into the big leagues. It takes hard work, devotion, and tough skin. All of these things paid off and I was delighted to design the butler's pantry and laundry room in each unit at the Show House. I was happy with the turn out and would like to make a special thanks to all of the people that helped make it happen: Vanessa Kogevinas, project manager, Robert Greenfield at Warner Brothers Studios, Jamal's Rug Collection, Farrow & Ball, Grace Home Furnishings, Kathryn M Ireland, and Gray Malin.

Butler's Pantry

It's all in the details: I found the leopard planner at Container Store, wish bone at Anthropologie, and studded box by Grace Home Furnishings

In the second Laundry Room the theme was beachy. 'Make do' vase from Anthropologie.

Rug complements of Jamal, bench from Kathryn Ireland, and art from Gray Malin.

This laundry room was just off the Butler's Pantry. The shelves were to house promotional material. In all the last minute craziness I never got a proper shot of this space : )

Me on opening night. Photograph complements of Gray Malin

Site: The Hollywood Reporter Show House Part II by Lynnea Schwieters

The second half of the show house was packed with just as many celeb-designers and a few up-and-comers as well. Check out my original post below for images from the first unit. In the second unit, the vestibule was designed by Oliver Furth and the great room was designed by David Phoenix

Table Setting by David Phoenix

Marmol Radziner's design was modern, masculine, and completely custom.

Bespoke bedroom by Marmol RadzinerI loved the vintage 50's lighting used in their design

Natasha Baradaran designed the hallway and powder bathroom. Her design was elegant and she used a lot of pieces that were personal to her --  I loved it. 
The ottoman is a custom piece designed by Natasha for her up coming line of furniture. Venetian plaster design by Natasha.

Designers Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe designed the third bedroom. I just did a post about their really wonderful store...

Nickey Kehoe designed an artist's space for the third bedroom.

Trip brought a fun and masculine vibe into the master bedroom. 

Electic Master Bedroom designMaster Bathroom Vignette by Trip Maenisch

Site: The Hollywood Reporter Showhouse Part I by Lynnea Schwieters

Vestibule by Robert AM Stern Months of planning and preparation - or just aweek for some (including myself!), came to a whirlwind conclusion at the unveiling of The Hollywood Reporter Show House at The Century - Los Angeles' newest highrise designed by Robert AM Stern Architects. The show house spans the 20th floor of 42-story elliptical building with panoramic views of the city. An A-list of LA-based interior designers showed off their talents, unveiling rooms of the finest designers lines and bespoke furniture. There were two units and so I broke my coverage into two parts. In the first unit, the vestibule was designed by Sterns team. He created a high impact space - zig-zag marble floors, high gloss lacquer walls and a trellis patterned ceiling. And I've eyed that decorative screen from Dragonette before...Everything was executed with the precision and  professionalism  

Living Room by Waldo Fernandez 

Just beyond the vestibule, Waldo Fernandez waved his magic wand in the Living Room. His design was fun and earthy - sofas were inspired by Jean Royere and were upholstered in a cozy teddy bear fabric. 

Kitchen by Kathryn Ireland 

Kathryn brought her no fuss, laid back vibe into the kitchen and breakfast area. She was also very gracious to loan a bench to me for my space (more on this later!) 

Master Bedroom by Joan Behnke The Master Bedroom, designed by Joan Behnke, and was a real delight. For me, her space spoke to her long standing success and her complex understanding of interior design. Every detail was considered and the custom plasterwork on the headwall by Artabellas was devine! 

Get your tickets to the showhouse today! Proceeds go to the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts.