Site : Dwell on Design 2013 / by Lynnea Schwieters

I'm no writer. But as I sit down to write this post, I want to create the 'buzz' for you that surrounded dwell this past weekend. First, people were up beat, interested, and eager almost. I guess that is what sales people are supposed to be but even the attendees, including myself, seemed to want more. Now, a few vendors whom I fell in love with and want to know SO MUCH MORE!

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Triangles are my favorite shape. Made from Ceramic

sculptures to decorate your wall with

I love this part of the PCH... I am so there. Available from Saatchi Online.

I'm sorry I don't know the artist!

I have never seen wool look so beautful

Maghan Urback, contemporary wool design.LA Street artist came out to represent. The artists painted on salvaged movie backdrops

It was beautiful.

Sezz Chair by Christophe Pillet and a chair designed by Phillipe Starck in the back

Little sculptures

metal art by Sarah Loertcher