Interior Design

Site: Natural Curiosities Studio by Lynnea Schwieters


Natural Curiosities Art House, is an archive of beautiful images from the early 1900's and creates fine modern art. Art house indeed, I felt as I had journeyed into another land.

boho-retro style sunken seating area greeted me as I walked in. Furniture was mixed, some pieces from BoBo and Cisco filled the room. Others were vintage and some were custom designs; made and crafted with love by the 25 or so designers and artists employed by Christopher Wilcox. Wilcox is every bit as kind and thoughtful as you'd expect. Every piece displays an element of nature or takes an inanimate object and turns it into something beautiful. The subject may not be out of the ordinary but, but a touch up and a tweek there, or a exquisitely framed multitude (think more is more), or hand done gold leafing and the piece is given a new life. Follow Natural Curiosities on Instagram here. Their newest venture, WILCOX, is interior design driven and thrilling as well - I am excited to see what their future holds.

Table design by WILCOX

Site: ReWire by Lynnea Schwieters

Not only does light brings us color and form but it makes design possible.  I was definitely inspired after leaving LA lighting warehouse (cause its that BIG), ReWire. They just relocated  their showroom, which doubles as a studio, to East Hollywood at Melrose and the 101.   There, lighting artisans create custom fixtures for their own line and specialize in creating custom designs for clients. ReWire also specializes in vintage lighting (#lovevintage) and they have a nice collection of French and Italian designers. I can't remember their names right now so you will just have to go for yourself and suss them out! The third photo is a favorite of mine. Edgy but also Elegant and Sophisticated. Can't wait to use it in a project!! GO! NOW! :)

Robert Long ChandelierMax Ingrand Sconces