Site: General Store, Venice, CA by Lynnea Schwieters

I have resided in Venice Beach for 3 years now -  a part of town is always evolving and new stores seem to pop up overnight. It is exciting and keeps my wandering mind at ease. My latest discovery, a little gift shop called General Store on Lincoln Blvd. It is place to find the perfect item for just about anyone and also features unique home decor.

Everyone in this town seems to love a mix of industrial and organic... especially coffee shops and offices. The natural element reminds us to relax while the industrial element breeds productivity. This lamp is a beautiful example of these two elements combined.

A shot of the store... and that mirror. Each artisan piece is elegantly displayed.

They also had a beautiful collection of plants and planters. The arrangements are soft and effortless. Perfect! I recommend a visit with that special someone in mind. xo


Site by Lynnea Schwieters

Rose Avenue, east of Main Street in Venice, CA is close to becoming the new Abbott Kinney. Not the replacement, but a much welcomed addition to my favorite area in Los Angeles. New kid on the block, Moon Juice, is a cutting edge cold press juice store that will send you away with a cure for just about any ailment. Hangover? Grab the Turmeric Gold. Need a boost? Goodness Greens will satisfy and leave you feeling smart and healthy. Feeling anxious? Cilantro, Lime and Celery will calm you down. Moon Juice also serves up home made almond drinks, all kinds of wellness shots including brain powering E3 Live and healing Aloe Vera, as well as yummy snacks such as Turkish Figs and Almond Butter. YUM! Go today!!

Starting Point by Lynnea Schwieters

Before the Industrial Revolution, which sent furniture well on its way to mass production, each piece was made by hand. You would make the chair you sat in, the bed frame you slept in, the bench you ate dinner at, as well as the table your dinner was on. People of wealth have always had the capital to have mundane tasks outsourced, and furniture making was no different. Cabinet makers, the original furniture "manufacturers" such as Duncan Phyfe, handcrafted each and every piece of furniture to either his own or his clients specifications. He is renowned for his elegant designs and superior craftsmanship. Duncan incorporated Empire & Federalist design elements into his wide ranging designs that are still desirable today. Phyfe single handedly shaped the local New York style for the elite class for at least two generations. Duncan Phyfe's life's work, 1770-1854, is now being displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Highly Recommended!




Fast forward to the year 2012 and you can still find cabinet makers who make each piece by hand. Rarely do they share the same precision and detail as Phyfe's but I think the beauty and delicacy of a handmade cabinet will always reign over the machine.

The way that Maurice brings the raw, natural edges of this piece together forming a seamless flow of the wood grain, is a technique that Duncan Phyfe popularized & makes this modern console splurge worthy.Raw edge console available at Maurice Gadson


Seen by Lynnea Schwieters

I love the simplicity and color of these chairs, designed and manufactured in Los Angeles. I sat in one and they are incredibly comfortable - and easy to get out of with the sturdy arm rest. As I watch loved ones getting older I find myself more conscious of these things.