art deco

Starting Point: Art Deco by Lynnea Schwieters

The 1920's and 30's brought a new sense of freedom and cheerfulness. Folks were happy to be out of war and woman became more independent and liberal. I think furniture design during this era really took on this role - Art Deco is fun, sexy, and has a great personality. Marquetry, softened corners, curves, interesting wood grains, and unique materials are typical amongst furniture of this era.


Site by Lynnea Schwieters


Among the many fabulous hotels in New York city, the recently renovated Mark Hotel has a delightfully eyecatching lobby. Designer Jacques Grange created a high fashion French interior that might leave some dizzy! You can see Mr. Grange's own house at The Selby. I always find interior designers houses interesting. They are usually a little messy with beaucoups of amazing furniture. What I love in particular is the arm chair - art deco styling and when you see the profile it explains itself further. I also love the mirror sculpture - pure delight!