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And finally, there is my space. As a young designer, it's not easy to break into the big leagues. It takes hard work, devotion, and tough skin. All of these things paid off and I was delighted to design the butler's pantry and laundry room in each unit at the Show House. I was happy with the turn out and would like to make a special thanks to all of the people that helped make it happen: Vanessa Kogevinas, project manager, Robert Greenfield at Warner Brothers Studios, Jamal's Rug Collection, Farrow & Ball, Grace Home Furnishings, Kathryn M Ireland, and Gray Malin.

Butler's Pantry

It's all in the details: I found the leopard planner at Container Store, wish bone at Anthropologie, and studded box by Grace Home Furnishings

In the second Laundry Room the theme was beachy. 'Make do' vase from Anthropologie.

Rug complements of Jamal, bench from Kathryn Ireland, and art from Gray Malin.

This laundry room was just off the Butler's Pantry. The shelves were to house promotional material. In all the last minute craziness I never got a proper shot of this space : )

Me on opening night. Photograph complements of Gray Malin

Site: The Hollywood Reporter Show House Part II by Lynnea Schwieters

The second half of the show house was packed with just as many celeb-designers and a few up-and-comers as well. Check out my original post below for images from the first unit. In the second unit, the vestibule was designed by Oliver Furth and the great room was designed by David Phoenix

Table Setting by David Phoenix

Marmol Radziner's design was modern, masculine, and completely custom.

Bespoke bedroom by Marmol RadzinerI loved the vintage 50's lighting used in their design

Natasha Baradaran designed the hallway and powder bathroom. Her design was elegant and she used a lot of pieces that were personal to her --  I loved it. 
The ottoman is a custom piece designed by Natasha for her up coming line of furniture. Venetian plaster design by Natasha.

Designers Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe designed the third bedroom. I just did a post about their really wonderful store...

Nickey Kehoe designed an artist's space for the third bedroom.

Trip brought a fun and masculine vibe into the master bedroom. 

Electic Master Bedroom designMaster Bathroom Vignette by Trip Maenisch

Site: The Hollywood Reporter Showhouse Part I by Lynnea Schwieters

Vestibule by Robert AM Stern Months of planning and preparation - or just aweek for some (including myself!), came to a whirlwind conclusion at the unveiling of The Hollywood Reporter Show House at The Century - Los Angeles' newest highrise designed by Robert AM Stern Architects. The show house spans the 20th floor of 42-story elliptical building with panoramic views of the city. An A-list of LA-based interior designers showed off their talents, unveiling rooms of the finest designers lines and bespoke furniture. There were two units and so I broke my coverage into two parts. In the first unit, the vestibule was designed by Sterns team. He created a high impact space - zig-zag marble floors, high gloss lacquer walls and a trellis patterned ceiling. And I've eyed that decorative screen from Dragonette before...Everything was executed with the precision and  professionalism  

Living Room by Waldo Fernandez 

Just beyond the vestibule, Waldo Fernandez waved his magic wand in the Living Room. His design was fun and earthy - sofas were inspired by Jean Royere and were upholstered in a cozy teddy bear fabric. 

Kitchen by Kathryn Ireland 

Kathryn brought her no fuss, laid back vibe into the kitchen and breakfast area. She was also very gracious to loan a bench to me for my space (more on this later!) 

Master Bedroom by Joan Behnke The Master Bedroom, designed by Joan Behnke, and was a real delight. For me, her space spoke to her long standing success and her complex understanding of interior design. Every detail was considered and the custom plasterwork on the headwall by Artabellas was devine! 

Get your tickets to the showhouse today! Proceeds go to the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts.









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Recently published in Architectural Digest, NK or Nickey Kehoe, is the creation of interior designers Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe. An effortless blend of vintage rugs, old and new furniture, along side modern accents, unique objects, and Ethiopian blankets, the store appeals to a vast market of Californians eager to create homes that give a relaxed vibe albeit the hectic, racing nature of most of our lives.

Hand painted paper mache animal heads and blankets commissioned by women in Ethiopia

My personal favorite, a modern wood mirror designed by Todd Nickey.

The floor lamp. oh my the floor lamp.

Love the shape of these bar stools and the colors in the rug. I'm really loving green right now. Must be fall.


Site: Any Place by Lynnea Schwieters

The other day I was on my way back from an appointment and needed to stop and grab a juice or coffee (or both!). I found myself thinking of the type of environment I felt like being in... quiet, hip, light, dark, trendy, comfortable... and then which locations would cater to that feeling. It then got me thinking how important place is to your state of mind, productivity and overall emotional response. When one feels the need to be productive where to do you go to find your brain? When you need to relax is it the softness of your bedroom that relaxes you or is it the blue of your ocean view? Its important to know these things. Your surroundings have a impact.

Site: Sweetwater Letterpress by Lynnea Schwieters

I recently paid a visit to local letterpress shop - Sweetwater Letterpress - to learn the ins and outs of the decades old craft - I love everything handmade : )


Meet Marc Wilczak, ex-industry cat, local Venice homie, and owner/printer at Culver City's SweetWater LetterPress. He was kind enough to take us on a 'tour' of his small studio and regaled the stories of each of his machines. All of which were salvaged and brought back to life for printing the company's completely custom designs for stationary, business cards, invitations, and cards.


 The letterpress technique dates all the way back to the mid 15th century but machines invented during the Industrial Age made the process easier and thus more popular as a means of printing. Today the process is still very hands on, the latest modern 'touch'  is a water wash photopolymer plate that is used to achieve the relief in the paper. The photopolymer plates are super thin and much easier to make in comparison to the late technique of zinc plates which are heavy and created need for large storage areas.   


 Now I'm craving a beautiful letterpress card design of my own : )


Seen: Junk by Lynnea Schwieters

Recently I visited the California Mart in Downtown Los Angeles. While I was there to shop with a few reputable furniture companies, I was astonished to see how much JUNK was there. It looked like my grandmothers house on steroids. Small wooden bunnies, trinkets galore, colored letters, boards with feel good statements. It really irked me - who buys this stuff? What's more - who is the man (or women) in charge of producing these products? Why are our precious resources being wasted on this junk? Seriously who needs a frog holding a sign that says welcome?? In my opinion a well designed environment should have none of this clutter. A few accessories here and there okay but much more than that is clutter and superfluous. Before you buy that bright blue oversized bowl for your auntie in Kansas, think: does she really need this or would she better appreciate some fresh fruit? Or a gift card to the spa? Where was this made? And is it really worth my time and money or am I just filling a void? I also suggest checking out a local flea market or resale shop. Up cycling is an incredible way to save resources and money in your pocket.


Announcement: Crate and Barrel Design Competition Winner! by Lynnea Schwieters

   Click to go to Crate and Barrel's website 

I am thrilled to announce: I am one in five winners of a design competition for national retailer Crate and Barrel! (That's my chair in the middle) After selecting the chair frame from Lee Industries (a collaborator of Crate and Barrel), I picked a fabric brand new to the market - it is made from cotton but looks like leather! The second fabric is a handsome black and white herringbone. I can't wait to see it in person! My chair, alongside the other four winners will be sold exclusively by Crate and Barrel in all 78 store this September!! Check the September catalog, go to Crate and Barrel's website or visit your local store to see my design in person! 

I would personally like to congratulate the other 4 designers too - great work!  

Obsession: unique shapes by Lynnea Schwieters

I love pieces that make a statement. You have walls full of furniture. One needs to take center stage.

looking into this oh so handsome scandinavian sofa for a client...

  Even big pieces of furniture can have grace and a sense of lightness


Have you ever seen such a nightstand?







High. Low. Good Design isn't Just a Dime by Lynnea Schwieters

As I peruse my monthly Veranda (my favorite), Elle Decor, and Architectural Digest magazines, page by page taking in all the different environments, I often fall in love with a certain space or particular furniture piece. What draws me is often something small but it (design) is all in the details. Later, I fervently search web sites such as Pottery Barn or Room and Board for some semblance of the unique pieces I see in editorials, only to see the same silhouette over and over. Why don't companies like Crate and Barrel offer something to their customers that stands out? All it takes is a little attention to detail. I recently submitted an application to Crate and Barrel for a upholstery design competition and they asked me, 'what could we do to better serve our customers?' All I could think of at that moment was their uninspiring line of accessories but now I wish I would have said 'can you please stop selling the same thing as everyone else?' Comments, recommendations, and resources are welcome.

Seen: Fort Worth Villa by Lynnea Schwieters

About two summers ago I had the privilege of working with my college professor on a project in the Colonial neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas. Gale VanAckeran designs are well-put, magnificent, and understated. Here are images from the Modern Italian style villa that you won't find anywhere else but here on Site and Seen.



As you enter the house the formal living room and baby grand piano welcomes you.

Doggy door opens to a private courtyard

Every space need just a touch of animal print

The colors are interesting and rich and the floorplan is simple and comfortable

Kitchen with oversized island and jade green wall tiles

The grandiose dining room with empire style chairs by Baker

View of second floor office from stairway landing