Lynnea Jean hails from Texas, where she was immersed in the welcoming atmosphere and rustic warmth of her native Lone Star State. After graduating from Texas Christian University with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and Business Marketing, she hit the ground running.  Her first professional experience was in hospitality design for Wilson & Associates in Dallas. There, she developed a sense for authenticity, as opposed to imitation. She continued to explore the design industry as a whole by working with clients as well as in the retail side of the industry. These experiences were seminal in shaping her overall approach towards interior design.

Lynnea’s extensive knowledge and experience helped her develop a keen eye for honesty and simplicity in design. She believes trends are cheap, both in value and in style.  Lynnea aspires to offer a timeless, graceful living environment through creative space planning, an edited mix of antiques and contemporary furniture, quality fabrics and finishes, and organization.

Lynnea believes design should be accessible yet intelligent. She shapes space using both logic and aesthetic and highlights the extraordinary aspects of the mundane. If the client tosses their keys into a particular spot each time as they enter the door, Lynnea accommodates that habit by placing a tray or bowl as a place mat for the keys. Her passion is to help clients feel accepted in their homes – comfortable, inspired, and embraced. This design process comes intuitively with a sense of ease and calm.

Environment informs behavior. Lynnea works hand in hand with her clients to develop a healthy relationship with their home. Lynnea believes each project is individual to the client, not to her signature. She works with the client to develop their taste and aligns them with their daily routines and habits - rendering a personal style.


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